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Its become apparent that praying to the Sun Gods does not work. If you like rain, snow, ice and howling winds why not come out on one of my walks, you won’t be disappointed. On heading down the M6 things looked promising but as we gathered at the foot of Hallin Fell there were 12 rather sad looking faces all wondering where Place Fell had gone. It was there Iam sure but we wouldnt see much of it today. With the rain hammering down we all agreed on a revised walk up Martindale valley. Although very wet we took on the challenge of heading up Beda Fell, at least we could see it. About half way up a small group, wisely headed down as they were soaked through. Just below Beda Fell Knott the rain gave up, what joy, but within 10 minutes down came the snow, and it came down and down. A small group of Deer ran across the fell in front of us and appeared to be heading down into Martindale. We plodded on along the ridge with the snow starting to lay and I thought it was very Christmasy, I couldn’t be sure that everyone else agreed. With a lot of care we managed to complete the ridge and stopped for a shot of Ginger Wine. I carry a bottle now and dish it out at the end of a walk so its the last thing people remember, not the difficult weather we have encountered, again.
To be honest I rather enjoyed the snow, its much better than rain anyway. Thanks to everyone who gave it a go and hope to see you next time for another instalment.
Regards Pete.