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11 brave, or maybe foolhardy, souls gathered in this attractive little town despite an atrocious weather forecast. At least a couple harbouring thoughts that, hopefully, nobody might turn up thus abandoning the need to proceed( maybe even the leaders! ) Of course, our members are made of sterner stuff. So off we set on what was to prove to be a lovely walk in excellent company, another attribute of our club is the fact that you know you are always going to be in good company whatever the conditions and wherever you are. Today was no exception in fact we were even joined by our first lady " Mrs President" and also by a guest, Vanessa.  Incredibly the weather Gods were kind to us and at least half of the walk was completed in the dry. " Fortune favours the Brave" ( Sorry, pun intended). Finally my thanks as always to Ken for volunteering to carry out the duties of back marker. My thanks also to our fellow ramblers for their company and goodwill.





Wednesday 30th September 2020

Annan Area

Leaders: Chris & Tom Fortune

Report by Tom Fortune