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There is no particular place to start and end this walk as it will depend where you live as to where you join the route. If you have to drive a short distance to get on the walk two good spots to park are In either of the car parks in Rickerby Pk or you could park in Morrissons Car Park and maybe do your weekly shopping there as well. There is no problem parking in Rickerby to do your exercise but I have seen the Fuzz moving people on who are just sitting in thier cars.

 Anyway, lets assume your going from Morrissons Car Pk. Going out of Morrissons turn left and cross the road and go down Waverley road past the Medical practise to the end to Etterby Scar. This is one of a couple of bits that are by the road, most is Parkland, fields, tracks or country Lanes. Again turn left and cross the road to take the path down to the Eden. This is a lovely path that takes you to the back of the Cricket Club and to Rickerby Park under the Eden bridge, there are signposts to the pk but its straightforward. In Rickerby Park just follow the Eden to Stoneyholme bridge and carry on to the man made stone circle (dont cross the bridge). Follow the stream around the edge of the pk, cross the road by the small car park and take the gate that takes you across the fields toward the back of the houses at Longlands Rd. The path across the field is obvious and takes you to a gate that goes between the houses and out into Longlands Rd. Go out to the main road, turn right crossing the road and up to the Near Boot. There take the Houghton Rd to Gosling Sike which is about a mile down the road on the left. Go into the grounds of Gosling Sike and head behind the pollytunnel greenhouse thingy on the left, there you will find a path that takes you through a field and soon into the small wetlands area of Gosling Sike. This area is boarded with a choice of two paths that go to the same place. You want to be heading to the far left corner and through the gate on the other side. take the path through the field and through the gate along by Tarraby Woods. You can detour and go around the woods which is nice but only takes 10 minutes, otherwise its straight on and into the Lane. Turn right along the lane, after about 200yds it goes left then the same again going right.  The road ends where there is a big house on the left and farm buildings on the right, just carry on down the track in front of you to a gate and go left along the field for about 600 yards to another gate and stile. Having vaulted the gate go left behind the bungalows then right at the next junction. From here you can go out into the main road and back down to Morrissons or there is access to the estate and you can work your way through  to Morrisons car pk that way.

Ive done this walk most days and its very nice. In the last two weeks I have seen Kingfishers in Rickerby Park and Deer across the fields from behind Longlands. There is plenty of the usual wildlife about as well. I have also seen Stoats in Tarraby woods, but not recently. You wont need Ice Axe or Crampons but a bottle of water and a Mars bar sounds pretty good. You will likely encounter the human kind but not many, enjoy, stay safe.





Carlisle, north of the Eden

About 5 Miles - 2 Hours

Description & Photos by

Pete Rutland