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We regard the allowed daily trip outside for exercise as a ‘must do’, in much the same way as, during rationing, people took their full allowance whether they needed it or not.  (I had an uncle who was a village grocer and remember his saying that he actually sold less of some things when they came off ration.)  Helen and I are lucky in living very close to Rickerby Park and Stony Holme golf course, which in turn gives easy ‘across the road’ access to Melbourne Park, so we can ring the changes in our daily forays, which we have got into the habit of making before breakfast.  Here’s a shot I took yesterday morning, just after 7.30, as we were going on to the golf course.  This long spell of exceptionally good weather has, of course, made these early morning walks a pleasure and, as erstwhile flood victims, we are delighted to see the Eden at such a low level.



Chris & Helen



Rickerby Park, Stony Holme

Chris & Helen Tyson