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Sunday 10th November 2019

Remembrance Sunday

Leaders: Andy Williamson - Ian Rowley

Reports By

Andy Williamson & Ian Rowley

Photos By

Ann McIntosh - Christine Milton

Pete Rutland - Sharron Murray - Charlotte Chapman

Ann Kin-Cleaves









A Walk Report


On a bright sunny morning 6 walkers decided to join me on my walk from Grange to Castle Crag for the remembrance sunday service despite the leader not supplying his walk notes.

  We were joined on the on the way up Castle Crag by another club member Jim whom had got his set off timings mixed up. 

  After an enjoyable if thats the correct way to describe a remembrance sunday service basking in brilliant sunshine we traced our steps back almost to Grange before branching off and beginning our steep climb up Nitting Haws. Roughly at Cockley How an earlier than planned lunch was taken because Christina was clearly not very well and indeed decide it best that she went back down. My sincere thanks to Jim whom volunteered to escort Christina down to his waiting and then onto the Glaramara centre.

 After the 6 remaining walkers continued our climb upon to High Spy enjoying fantastic views on a super autumns day.

   From here we descended down Tongue Gill and along to Seatoller and the Glaramara centre earlier than expected.

   A great day with good company, fantastic weather and a couple of pints, what could you ask for. Many thanks to all that came along and helped to make this day special



B Walk Reort


I don’t want to say too much about the walk as the day was really about remembrance and taking a few moments to think about the sacrifices of others. It was a beautiful day and a fitting ceremony on Castle Crag. The short service included two poems one reminding everyone that there was a cost in animal lives as well as humans, especially in the Great War and a second poem recounted the bravery of those involved in the evacuation from Dunkirk.

The two minutes silence in such a beautiful and tranquil setting felt especially poignant.

I think this is one of the club traditions that deserves to be preserved and I hope that it continues for many years.

Thanks to all who attended.